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flyfishnewzealand76Be it 4×4 or helicopter, or strictly by hiking, the back country waters on the south island of New Zealand offer incredible fly fishing opportunities. Many of our favorite trips include 4×4 or helicopter access to back country waters, then hiking/packing from hut to hut or between primitive campsites. We invite you to camp in our rainforests, rising streamside to fish these remote waters. For our fit guests, it is possible to tramp from river to river, following a series of huts in the back country.

We can provide all camping gear for international travelers, reducing your travel load on air travel.

Many of New Zealand’s best trout waters are located in the back country and require time – meaning it is best to spend several nights camping or in our back country huts. We are fully outfitted for you to come and enjoy these waters.

Helicopter flights can make the remote back country wilderness very accessible.

flyfishnewzealand77We have helicopter fly in fishing opportunities in the Karamea, Hanmer Springs, and Franz Joseph/Fox Glacier regions, providing literally hundreds of kilometers of back country rivers, many of which get light pressure. We work in conjunction with pilots to ensure that the water we fish has been rested prior to your trip. If a reach hasn’t been rested for several days, we simply won’t fly to fish that water, opting for another instead.

While helicopter fly fishing can be done in a day, we strongly recommend multiple days. There are many locations where we can fish up and downstream of a drop off point. Also, for the truly adventurous, we can fly to one location and fish a couple of days, then hike a few hours to another water. There are many options available, only limited by time. The back country is definitely yours to discover, a helicopter saves much time and effort!

flyfishnewzealand79Helicopter fishing has become a bit of a boutique niche. Without a doubt the fishing in rivers, almost only accessible by helicopter, can be as good as fishing can get. These unmodified ecosystems may contain higher numbers of visible and more naive fish. Expect to pay an extra NZ$1500-1850 for the treat. If money is no issue jump at it! However you may consider that hiring a guide for an extra day instead is money well spent. In two days you may well come across just as many fish, learn more and have more time to take it all in.
Walking is very important and the back country waters require you to be in at least moderate condition, regardless if you tramp or fly in.

If we are tramping to a hut or sleeping in a tent way in the back country, you must be able to carry your own gear and pack on your back. Our focus is to stay in back country huts rather than tents.
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