Kind Words

“Serge is, without a doubt, one of the hardest working guides I’ve ever had the pleasure of fishing with. On top of his pure effort add in an amazing ability to find big browns, deep local knowledge of weather patterns, and a wry sense of humour. Serge will not only put you on great fish, but he’ll help you have fun even if it’s pouring rain or howling wind. I’m going on my third year straight with Serge and I couldn’t be more excited about it.”
Brandon Bailey, Calgary, Canada

“What a superb fishing dream and best of all we were awake while it happened. We will be back for more daytime dreaming!”
Jeff and Christine Wells from Tannum Sands in Australia

“Thanks for a sensational trip. Not only was the fishing spectacular, it was a rare privilege to explore parts of the country that so many never see. The majestic and seemingly untouched spots to which you took us will live in my memory for a very long time and hopefully the knowledge you passed on will make my fishing at home that much more successful. I’ll be back again, for sure.”    

Trevor Tait, Auckland, New Zealand  

“We enjoyed Serge’s company; loved the scenery and style of fishing; simply have made New Zealand our annual trip, extending it every year. It’s an incredible experience that truly doesn’t need to be over top expensive. An amazing experience!”
Dave & Amelia Jensen, Canada

“I can finally understand why my boyfriend goes out day after day to these seemingly remote places. What a fantastic secret he has been keeping from me. Now it will be me coming home with the stories!”
Mafalda Walther from Zug in Switzerland

Back in cold Calgary, -17 and snow…… just slightly different than Hanmer to say the least. Just wanted to thank you a tremendous 2 days on the river with you. What an amazing fishery you have in your back yard. Fight to keep it that way my friend, it’s worth it. I will be back to the South Island for certain, no Bullshit…. Tight lines Serge.                            

Peter Kaminsky from Calgary in Canada

Thanks again for a fantastic two days. In addition to the fishing expertise, Dick and I very much enjoyed learning about the conservation challenges you face. We are grateful that someone of your knowledge, intelligence, and passion is working hard to leave a better future for NZ’s fish and people. Thank you.                                                                                        

Pete Geedes from Bozeman Montana USA

I first began fly fish New Zealand in the late 80s .Always in the North Island , I thought it was the mecca of fly fishing with lakes streams and scenery .In 2013 I had  a quick trip to the South Island and up to the Hanmer Springs area prior to leaving I searched for a guide to take me out for a days fishing , given that I had no idea of the South Island fishing and limited time  .I engaged Serge to take me out for what I thought was one of the most memorable days of New Zealand .After talking with a mate upon my return he was keen to go over , so with in 12 months I was back with my mate  ,again  chose the Hanmer region  with Serge .we spent the next 2weeks with him .I was nervous about taking and recommending to my mate this guide and this region , WOW how wrong I was .I have fished some great places in many countries but that trip with Serge and my mate was the trip of my life time .Serge made it such a complete package with the fishing , the magnificent scenery , his exception polaroiding skills ( you have to see to believe ) the fishing , his knowledge of the South Island , flora fauna , he took us to magical waters and unforgettable beautiful places that you just emerge your self in and just love to fish and walk . Again we were back for more this year for another 2 weeks solid fishing and cementing a wonderful mateship with Serge , we fished totally different areas and again just magical and unforgettable .Serge,  one man with so much to offer and share with all and always so willing to please with a smile .

Darren Victoria Australia

I would thoroughly recommend Serge as a fly fishing guide for anybody visiting New Zealand! He is a great guy who is enthusiastic and passionate towards helping his clients catch trout, and is very knowledgeable about fly fishing in New Zealand and the teaching of the skills required to catch these magnificent fish! A day out on the water chasing trout with him will be a day to remember! 🙂

Chris Bell Christchurch New Zealand


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