Sight- Fly Fishing for large Brown Trout.

Sight-fishing New Zealand waters
Sight-fishing New Zealand waters

flyfishnewzealand75New Zealand‘s claim to fame is the size of trout to be caught in gin-clear waters. The name of the game is to spot the trout, choose an approach and cast to the visible fish, presenting them with dry flies and nymphs.

Let me tell you, it is very adrenaline pumping exciting stuff to cast to these sighted monsters weighing anywhere from 3 to above 10 pounds. It can be quite simple or quite difficult to spot trout, some of the fish would not be seen if not for the right angle looking into the water. Good guides will take strides to spot from the right angle to look into “windows” and avoid glare in order to spot trout while you prepare to work the spotted fish.

New Zealand has a world-renowned wild trout fishery and the emphasis is on quality rather than quantity. Certainly there are trophy fish, but there is usually a very good reason that these fish get so big!

Experienced guides know where the fishing is best, know the moods of local and movement of our trout, often have access arrangements, and will provide transport. They can help you adjust your technique to the different conditions, in order to take maximum advantage of the ever-changing conditions. It has taken guides many thousands of hours to find the best waters and methods that can help to make you successful.

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